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International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructure Security

Key sectors of modern economies depend highly on ICT. The information flowing through the resulting technological super-infrastructure as well as the information being processed by the complex computing systems that underpin it becomes crucial because its disruption, disturbance or loss can lead to high economical, material and, sometimes, human loss. As a consequence, the security and dependability of this infrastructure becomes critical and its protection a major objective for governments, companies and the research community.


The City of Athens

This year CRITIS will be held in Athens, the capital of Greece, which is named after goddess Athena, daughter of Zeus, goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge. This is where Democracy was born. This is where that marvel of architecture, the Parthenon, was created. This is where art became inseparable from life, and this is where Pericles gave the funerary speech, that monument of the spoken word. Athens is the symbol of freedom, art, and democracy in the conscience of the civilized world.

In Athens memory never fades. Wherever you stand, wherever you turn, the city's long and rich history will be alive in front of you. In the centre of the town there are two hills: the Acropolis, with the monuments from the age of Pericles, and Lycabettus, with the picturesque chapel of St. George (Ai Giorgis).

Athens today is a modern city, alive, and on the go. Modern, but romantic as well, with busy streets and squares, shop windows a riot of colors, as well as little alleys in quiet, peaceful neighborhoods such as Plaka and Mets. In the countless shops, the visitor will find whatever he may need. In the “tavernas” and restaurants he can enjoy any taste sensation, in the nightclubs, pubs, and bars he can drink and dance the night away. Because, in Athens the fun never stops before daylight.
How to reach Crowne Plaza Hotel from Amarilia Hotel (ESORICS Participants).

University of Piraeus

CRITIS 2010 is organized by the University of Piraeus, Athens, Greece, in conjunction with EUROPKI'10 and STM'10. The University of Piraeus is situated at the Piraeus city centre, only 15 minutes on foot away from the Metro terminal, with Bus and Tram connections also available nearby. The Acropolis and Athen's city centre are within 10 minutes' reach by Metro (green line, exit at Thissio station), and the University main building is less than 5 minutes walk from the colourful yacht port of Pasalimani.

The University of Piraeus was originally founded in 1938 by the Industrialists and Tradesmen Association, under the name "School for Industrial Studies”. It became a public University at 1966 and received its current name in 1989.

The University of Piraeus provides instruction and degrees in the fields of Economics, Business Administration, Statistics and Insurance Science, Financial Management and Banking, Industrial Management, Maritime Studies, International and European Studies, Informatics, and Digital Systems. The University is also home to the University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC), which has participated in technological research on both national and international levels, particularly in areas related to networking and internet technology.